A picture is worth 1,000 words…

IMG 8683

Which means that this post is basically 12,000 words long. Well now 12,013. I will try to not over-do it by adding too many more.

IMG 8657

We really liked Berlin. What’s not to like about a city where Mammoths grow on trees, pictures of my finger are on buildings, streets are called “gross hamburger” AND where Christopher Williams is a resident?!

Sadly Mr. Williams is not pictured. We really dropped the ball on that one. We were too busy enjoying his delicious stew and fancy East Berlin Pickles to take pictures.

I must say, after all the beautiful fancy churches we have seen everywhere it was a bit gratifying to find a gilded synagogue to admire.

This one is a must, it wouldn’t be a trip to Berlin without a picture of Checkpoint Charlie, now would it? You can pay to take a picture with the fake military, but you can take pictures of random strangers with fake military for free! They are cuter than we are anyway.

Biggest dinosaur skeleton in the world!! Ever!

They didn’t realize Rudolph was the only red nosed reindeer. If they had they probably would have tried to breed him before bagging, tagging and stuffing him.

IMG 8714

This one is actually a specimen from our home in Bocas del Toro. We donated it to the Berlin Natural History Museum, we are generous like that. They were really impressed, but he wasn’t even a big one.

IMG 8715

This is where our apartment was. We like Berlin.

IMG 8721


I think of California as officially "home" but can usually be found a lot closer to the equatorial belt. After finishing a Masters program in 2011 I found myself trying to decide between a couple of different high-powered career options. I decided I wasn't quite ready to "grow up" and went with an entirely different plan which involved selling off everything I owned with my partner Tom and buying a one-way ticket to Colombia. Our plan was to travel "Till The Money Ran Out" and then go home to start our grown-up lives. Instead, we started our own app development company on the road and have been criss-crossing the globe, traveling, working, eating spicy food and refusing to "grow up" ever since. You can find me on Twitter, , Facebook or send me a message using our About Us page.

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2 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    Hi Guys,
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    Thank you for sharing your marvelous travels with all.
    FYI Chris Williams was my 1st husbands name. But obviously he wasn’t your Chris Williams 🙂

  2. judy chisholm says:

    Hola Tom and Jenny..

    Your posts are fantastic! warm/funny/astute/full of life and wonder.. I love it!

    ( Im the dizzy redhead from Bocas who met you looking like a drowned rat the morning you picked up your dad.. and from MahJong..

    I am looking for a housitter for my (BRAND new!) little house (will be finished just about that time..) I understand you know a good internet site? or know someone?

    Help appreciated!

    Judy C.

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