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About Tom & Jenny

2011 – We are Jenny and Tom, and we have decided to retire at the ripe old ages of 27 and 30. Granted we will most likely have to come out of retirement and rejoin the working masses. But here’s hoping that our li’l projects, hobbies, and silly ideas can somehow allow us to continue exploring the world and enjoying it together!


Update – I love leaving our original 2011 description up to show how we started! So now, years later our blog name is not as appropriate as it once was. When we first started our trip we were literally traveling until our money ran out, at which point we planned on “coming out of retirement,” and going home to get real jobs. Though we did come out of retirement we still have not exactly joined the “working masses” and we definitely have not stopped exploring the world together!


One of our pet projects ended up blooming and we create apps through our company Touch Autism LLC for people diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorders, other intellectual disabilities, any kid who needs a little extra help with social skills and for the practitioners who work in those fields.


We got married (to each other) in 2012 and bought a house in the bay area in 2013. That was still not enough to still our gypsy feet and we rent out our place on Airbnb while continuing to explore the world together!

carry on packing couple

4 Responses

  1. Becky LaBarge says:

    Hey Jenny and Tom – Thank you for the beautiful pics of Vienna and all the places you have visited – your blog is the best. You guys are doing it right on! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    Love to you both,
    Becky and Aaron

  2. High there,
    Harald Erichsen is my best mate, there is the connection. Wann seit ihr in NSW
    Port Macquarie? We are heading home From NZ end of May and would have
    Loved to meet up with you .
    Your contributions are outstanding !!! Love your experience.
    If you Google. Hartmut Kiehn. You see me fixing our road…..illegally of course…
    Hartmut und Elke

  3. Zoe says:

    How fun to find your blog! It’s refreshing to read a travel blog about a couple who are doing what my husband and I have just started doing…open-ended travel without a solid money plan in place. We’re going to Hawaii and Australia, and then hopefully New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, India, Europe…until the money runs out, or we get tired of traveling, whichever happens first. I imagine that between internet stuff, teaching English and work visas (New Zealand) we’ll be able to continue our travels for a while. Either way, we had to start sometime, so we saved up a small chunk of money, and are off! Best of luck as you continue your adventures, and thanks for the gorgeous pictures!