The Funny Thing About Galapagos Animals

One of the things that really makes the Galapagos so special is how all the different species of animals share an almost uniform indifference to humans, wearing it like a cloak over their feathers, fur or scales. Whether they are little penguins barreling toward your face while snorkeling, or 5 foot sharks cruising past, they pretty much ignore you. There has not been a bit of wildlife yet that has moved away from us in fear, or really even looked at us twice.

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It would be easy to believe that this whole set-up is actually an elaborate movie set, complete with Muppets of Boobies that perform their mating dance on command, and trained hawks that obligingly swoop down inches from your head.

You can almost hear people off set directing the choreography, “and cue the marine iguanas” or “tell the sea turtle to come back around, someone didn’t get a photo yet!” Also the grasshoppers look like fairies!

Another remarkable thing about the Galapagos are the landscapes. We were both prepared to be impressed by the wildlife here, it’s infamy paves the way for it. However, neither Tom nor I expected to be awed by the beauty of the scenery, landscapes and water. The islands themselves (and so far we have seen 4 or 5) are just incredible.

Yesterday we visited Isla Bartolome and it felt as if we were walking on the moon. Even the dry, red pieces of land are breathtaking and look as if they are straight out of some sci-fi fantasy fan paintings. Full of unicorn horn shaped spires and round craters. The oceans surrounding everything with it’s hundreds of hues of blues from currents all over the world mix in to create an effect that ain’t too hard on the eyes either.

As I write this now the Daphne is re-fueling and awaiting the arrival of 11 new passengers. The boat holds 16, and 11 people had just booked the northern 3 night portion of the cruise, so we bid them farewell this morning. It’s a good thing we booked the whole 8 days because the only way I would get off now is if someone pried my cold rigor mortise clenched fingers off the railing and tossed me overboard as a treat to the 2 Galapagos sharks that have been circling the ship.

Being on this boat is seriously vacation. Like pizza in the shower vacation.

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We were pretty lucky with the first group of passengers- a very young boat. Judging from the other passengers we have glimpsed on land or on passing boats this is not common. We (Luis, Lacey, Tom and I) may find ourselves in the company of some serious blue hairs this afternoon. That’s ok though, there is nothing like retirees to make us feel good about ourselves! Their feeble steps and addled brains make us instantly realize how spry, lithe and quick-witted we all are!

Kidding Mom- I promise ☺


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  1. Charles Decelles says:

    Yeah, I’m 62 and can barely find my way around my bedroom….oh wait, nope no feeble body no feeble brain. Well, you are allowed the license to say smack as long as you post such beautiful pictures and are mostly informative. But be forewarned, not all older people are weak, and even less so are they feeble of mind.

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